Employability Skills



All pupils at Key Stage 4 are allocated to a group which have timetabled Employability Skills lessons. The intention is to give pupils the skills they need to be successful in applying for and maintaining employment in the future. We recognise that having a variety of different jobs over a lifetime is likely for many young people leaving education in the world today and this course will give them the skills to cope in the changing job market. 


During the course pupils will explore a number of different units, the exact units will be chosen based on pupils' discussions with their teachers. Examples of units include:


  • Understanding Mindset

  • Coping with Change

  • Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • Writing a CV

  • Job Application Skills

  • Interview Skills


The completion of units enable pupils to gain credits to work towards either a Level 1 or 2, Award or Certificate in Employability Skills through the NCFE. 


More information on Level 1 NCFE Employability Skills

More information on Level 2 NCFE Employability Skills



Employability is currently taught by a small number of staff.  The curriculum is planned and overseen by the line manager for Employability Skills. The course was designed in collaboration with the whole school approach for careers in mind and opportunities to meet and work with external agencies such as college or work experience can support the progress made towards the different units.  


The course has been created to enable pupils to work at their own pace and appropriate level regardless of whether they are learning in the classroom or remotely. 




All pupils studying the course have the opportunity to achieve a qualification in Employability Skills, either an Award or a Certificate depending on the number of credits they achieve. The course will give pupils the skills and knowledge they need to apply and be prepared for the next stage of their life whether that be college, apprenticeship or work. These are skills that will be transferable, regardless of career choice for the rest of their lives.