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Key Stage 3

In your Art, Craft and Design lessons you will be provided with opportunities to develop your creativity and imagination through a range of exciting and interesting projects. You will work with a variety of media including drawing and painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking and ICT and you will be taught a range of different practical skills and techniques. You will look at the work of other artists, and art from different cultures and make links between their work and your own.

You will work through different projects and time will be structured so that you can reflect on your own progress and that of others in your group.

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Key Stage 4

In KS4 you will build up a sketchbook and folder of work which will be marked as part of you GCSE final grade.

Course content and assessment at GCSE:

Coursework accounts for 60% of the overall mark, whilst the externally set assignment (ESA – Exam) is worth the remaining 40% and this is the second unit of the course (Unit 2). 

Objectives are:

·Develop ideas through investigations

·Refine work by exploring ideas

·Record ideas

·Present a personal response


Final results will be graded on a nine point scale: 1 to 9 – where 9 is the best grade.

Art, Craft and Design Post 16 study

A wide range of art, craft and design courses are available for pupils to study at college post 16.

These are suited to pupils who have been successful in their GCSE art and are intending to pursue a career in the following areas:

Three-dimensional Design, Photography, Film, Video, Print-Making, Theatrical and Set Design, Computer Graphics, Web Design, Fashion / Textiles, Jewellery Design, Tattooing, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial / Product Design, Illustration, Fine Art, Architecture, Gallery Curator, Exhibition Organisation, Art Therapy, Teaching / Lecturing.

Those with other career aspirations can study Art and Design as a useful complementary subject or as an opportunity to develop a personal interest.

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