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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for the Enrichment Programme

Enrichment Curriculum


In September 2023 we introduced our enrichment curriculum. It aims to provide pupils with a comprehensive and engaging educational experience, alongside their academic provision. It will foster a love for learning, promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encourage creativity and innovation, and enhance personal and social development. 


An assessment and evaluation system (our holistic tracker) has been established to measure pupil progress and achievements based on our school values.


Activities will regularly change, depending on pupil interest. Activities may include activities such as:


  • Yoga and mindfulness

  • DIY

  • Reading group

  • Animal care

  • Golf

  • PC building and coding

  • Illustration

  • Drama

  • Gardening

  • Bee keeping

  • Car / bike maintenance

  • Textiles and crafts

  • Offsite activities:

    • Local area visits

    • Cultural visits, e.g. art galleries, places of worship

    • Self-challenge activities, e.g. swimming, high ropes, free running, ice skating

  • Interventions:

    • Art

    • Music

    • Reading (Phonics and/or prosody)

    • SEEDS (land based activities)

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