Leadership Programme

Why do we teach the Leadership Programme?


The Leadership Programme offers our younger pupils the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. These skills range from effective communication to building a team, from problem-solving to demonstrating empathy and understanding other people's feelings.

The Aim

To develop a range of practical skills and knowledge linked to;

  • a sense of purpose and responsibility

  • being a better communicator and listener

  • thinking strategically

  • being passionate

  • acting with integrity

  • being principled in their actions

  • appreciating what others can do

  • valuing the qualities of others 

  • having confidence in their own abilities

At KS3

The programme comprises one full hour per week for each group and uses AQA unit awards to provide structure and reward to successful outcomes. Pupils learn a range of skills that promote an identified set of leadership qualities based on some keywords.

This is only followed by pupils in KS3.

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