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Tied with Flowers

Key Stage 3



All pupils are allocated to a group which have timetabled PSHE lessons. Using resources from Jigsaw, we ensure that pupils progress through the spiral curriculum, with concepts and topics introduced from Year 7 and repeated and built upon as pupils progress through the year groups.  These resources provide teachers with a starting point and will adapt to the individual needs of pupils.  This means all pupils are able to develop an understanding of the ever-changing world in which we live, develop the skills necessary to take an active role in their community and manage their life effectively. Our curriculum is planned to be relevant, varied and take into account the particular needs of our pupils, and statutory requirements for Relationships and Sex Education.  


During the course of a year all pupils will explore topics relevant to their age and needs in the following areas:


  • Being Me

  • Celebrating Difference

  • Dreams and Goals

  • Healthy Me

  • Relationships

  • Changing Me


Overall we have a curriculum that is broad and balanced and takes into account the differing needs of our learners.  It is our intent to be mindful that many of our pupils will come from difficult backgrounds, and some of the topics covered may well be challenging for them to cover.  Classes are taught in a sympathetic style, but with inclusive discussion. 



PSHE is currently taught by a group of staff.  The curriculum is planned and overseen by the line manager for PSHE. In addition to weekly lessons, we aim to organise occasional drop down days and plan to increase our involvement with outside agencies in the future.


Discussion forms an integral part of our lessons. We aim to give pupils the opportunity to discuss issues which are of concern/relevance to them. 




At both key stages, pupils have the opportunity to learn about the wider world PSHE covering statutory obligations, but also providing them with the resources for the next stage of their education.  We emphasise equipping pupils with the tools,  ie knowledge and skills to make safe and considered choices out in the wider world.

Our Team.

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