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Why do we teach our pupils Mathematics?

Mathematics is crucial for everyday life. It underpins most of science, technology, finance, and engineering. At Heybridge we want students to appreciate the importance of mathematics but to also see the beauty and power of it. We would like the students to become confident in their maths ability and to be able to apply their skills to real life. We want students to develop critical thinking skills, understand data in the world around them and to be able to reason and communicate Mathematically.

Above all else we want students to be numerate, confident and enjoy Mathematics and to experience success in the subject, whatever their ability and starting point.

Key Stage 3

Maths in key stage 3 involves the development of fluency and confidence in the fundamentals of Mathematics. There is a continual recapping of the topics to enhance the learning and to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. With our smaller classes, we are able to tailor to individual needs, identifying gaps in their knowledge and be flexible in the delivery of the content. There is a particular focus on numeracy and problem-solving skills as this is the cornerstone of mathematical fluency and lays firm foundations for KS4 and beyond. 

Please see the link below to see an example of the KS3 plan.


23/24 KS3 Mathematics

Math Formulas and a Calculator
Digital Calculator

Key Stage 4

GCSE Mathematics continues to build on topics which the students have already learned in KS3. This will include topics based around Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics as broad areas of study.

We will constantly assess the potential of students and seek the best outcomes for all. This could include early entry of students for GCSE exams, Functional skills or Entry-level certificates. This will wholly depend on their teacher’s assessment and Head of year opinion.

We are currently using the Edexcel board for our GCSE assessment as we believe that the students have the best possible chance of success with this exam board.

Our aim is for all of our students to leave Heybridge at the end of year 11 with a qualification in mathematics.

The GCSE examination

  • 100% Examination

  • 2 possible tiers  Higher and foundation (will depend on teacher assessment and referring school)

  • Three papers, 1.5 hours each. 1 Non Calculator and 2 Calculator


Please see the link below to see an example of the plan for KS4 Mathematics.


Year 10 Foundation 23/24 Mathematics

Year 11 Foundation 23/24 Mathematics

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