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Music Equipment

Key Stage 3/4


Music and Music Technology is motivated by a passion for music and all things that it can bring. Playing an instrument or performance is not the only way to lead to a career in music. There are many job roles within the sector from the role of producers, music composition for film, tv or  video games, to stage crews at venues and festivals, recording engineers to studio manager. Not to mention the benefits from studying a creative subject. The cultural aspect of the subject is also heavily embedded into the subject, relating artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.




In order to provide a creative and safe working environment for learners and staff, students will learn how to operate equipment available to them. They will also learn how to communicate ideas using the correct terminology and processes to enable them to fulfill their creative needs. A small array of musical instruments are available and the use of technology is key, as it provides creative thought at any level and puts ideas down whatever level the learner is at. The way this course is set out, it can be accessed remotely via a computer and internet connection. The software used has the option to work together on projects with text chat or video chat. Enabling learners to create and learn at home or in a classroom environment and always be able to access the teachers guidance. 


Some examples of how the different areas of music education are implemented:



The results are bigger than music itself and extend beyond music education.There are few skills more important to development and wellbeing than creativity. Learners will learn other soft and transferable skills, engaging in problem-solving, demonstrating critical thinking, making connections between different subjects whilst having deep learning of a subject matter, promoting engagement and taking responsibility for their own learning.  Students will have the opportunity in KS3, to  gain certificates and qualifications, such as the Arts Award and AQA  awards. In KS4 students can choose a NCFE Level 1 &2 Technical Award In Music Technology, as an option.





KS4  Qualification


KS3 Awards

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